Let me tell ya ’bout muh Sunday

I’ll give you guys all a break from my mandatory vacation updates. I hope you aren’t getting jealous, not that there’s much to be jealous of. But I also hope you all get a longer-than-a-weekend break to chillax and focus on what’s important in your life. Like food. And family. Not necessarily in that order.

Sundays are always good days. They are bittersweet because you know what tomorrow is, but you’re trying to live up the weekend before the inevitable arrives.

This Sunday, besides being the end of my vacation, was niiiiiiice.

Sean and I woke up to the sounds of Mitten Head being the naughtiest cat she could be. She saved all her badness over the course of our vacation and is unleashing it all right now. She woke us up at 4:00, and I made Sean get up and feed her at 4:45 A.M. in hopes of quieting her very whiny meows and stopping the curtain scratching. That cat and curtains… tsk tsk.

I also caught a certain Mitten Head attacking my bamboo... For shame, Lyra Cat!

After about two or so hours, she started up again, so we just decided to get up. I fed her again around 7:30 which led to vomit fest. This was obviously not the “niiiiiiice” part.

After breakfast, Sean and I headed to the weight room at our apartment complex for Sean to run on the treadmill (since we missed the 6:45 A.M. trail run [the park gets WAY too packed to even park your car on the weekends if you don’t get in before 7:00]), and for me to try some interval training. On our way out, a girl was trying to get in with a dog.

When we let her in, she said, “This isn’t my dog. He’s just following me.” Well I couldn’t just let him run around outside risking his life in traffic. So I got him to follow us, and I called the number on his tag while we walked back to my apartment. He was a white lab named Wilson, and he was the drooliest dog I’ve ever met. The owner name on the tag didn’t match the name of the person in the voicemail when I left a message. So I called an animal shelter, a vet, PetsMart, and animal control. Finally, I had to call the non-emergency police number to get weekend animal control to come pick him up. Poor doggie-face!

"I just wanna go home!"

After that, Sean and I went on a grocery shopping adventure so I could try some new recipes. My friend Deborah lent me her foor processor, so I have been looking up recipes that require it! I made Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce by The Pioneer Woman. It was delicious, fabulous. Yummy. And for dessert I made Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread. Also delish.

Sean made sure to dig right in before it even cooled.

I also got the ingredients to make Mama Pea’s Mmm Saucefor veggies and eggs and whatever else we want to put it on! My kitchen was a little messy afterward.

Yes my sink was full of dishes!

I also tried a Pilates class for the first time yesterday. Of course, my first class the teacher announced that she was leaving the class… Lame. It was really interesting, like a combination of yoga and body weight exercises. My core got a super workout yesterday and it was just what I needed to get myself back in the workout routine (after a week of jogging on the beach).

Ready to have my abs shredded!

Sean spent Sunday catching up on Mass Effect 2.

Just ONE MORE level! As usual!

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