Jenna coming home

Today I’m dedicating my post to my former roommate Jenna. We lived together our junior years in college after a random chat with an intermediary friend, Brett.

Brett and I went on a volunteer trip together our sophomore year over spring break. That year, I found out I was going to be a Resident Assistant in Carnegie Hall on the Maryville College campus in a three-person room.

Well, a lot of rooms on campus are 2- and 4- person, but 3-person rooms are harder to fill unless you have a Three Musketeer friendship going on. As a loner, I didn’t have a lot of people I would be willing to room with.

I talked to Brett about the situation, and she said she and her friend Jenna were looking for a room for next year.

We figured it out somehow, and I ended up finding wonderful friends in these two women. They are a great friend-couple, supportive of each other, encouraging, loving, etc. They are both an inspiration in their own ways.

For our senior year, Brett got married and Jenna moved into an apartment in the “off-campus” apartment building. I still cherished their friendship, and to this day we still keep in touch.

After college Jenna went to Africa to experience life and teach art to children at her grandparents’ orphanage. And today she is back in the states after a year! And I’ll be on my way to visit her smiling face tomorrow to welcome her back to the good old US of A!

Check out her blog to learn about her adventures.

Glad you’re home, Jenna!


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