My take on the Casey Anthony case

In case you don’t know, I’ve written a few times about the Casey Anthony case. I had a pretty strong opinion about the outcome. I figured you may be wondering how I feel about the outcome of the case since I spoke out about it twice before.

I was obviously shocked about the acquittal. In fact, I found out on vacation when I got online to check my bank account one afternoon.


Sean took a picture of my face when I told him about it. After that I checked Facebook and read all the status related to the case. It seemed like EVERYONE was mad. And then I got mad too.

It seemed to me like all the evidence pointed to a conviction. Nonetheless, the jury seemed to disagree. I ranted and raved to Sean about how the justice system fails those who need it, about how the law is a figment of our imaginations, something created to place blame but then failing to do so, about how “reasonable doubt” and “doubt” are two different feelings.

Then I read someone’s status on Facebook that sort of put me in my place. I wasn’t there in the courtroom listening to the evidence, looking at the pictures, hearing the testimonies. I was spoon-fed details by the media, details of their choosing. I did not hear the deliberations of other jury members. Maybe it was like “12 Angry Men.” Maybe it was not an issue at all. Maybe the jurors just wanted to get on with their lives. Maybe the death penalty was just too hard for them to swallow.

I don’t know. And that’s the point, I don’t know all the details. And it’s not my place to judge people (although I have a hard time not doing so).

While I think it’s shameful that Casey Anthony was not considered more guilty (Listen to me, “more guilty?” What is that?) than she was rendered, I don’t think there’s much we can do about it now.

And I most definitely think we need to leave the jurors involved in the case alone.

I feel like karma will come back to haunt Casey Anthony in the end. I don’t know for sure if she murdered Caylee Anthony. I have a strong suspicion that if she didn’t, she at least knows what happened or was involved in some way.

I also know that she won’t be able to fully integrate back into society now that she’s been released. I’ve read headlines that people are encouraging her to get plastic surgery, change her name, and move out of Florida, but she refuses. Good luck to her, she’ll need it.


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