Labels: Police or Hogwarts

If you have a weak stomach or if you already don’t like me a little, maybe you should stop reading this post. It may gross you out or make you move on from slightly disliking me to fully thinking I’m a giant loser-face dweeb.

I like to bake. It’s fun and delicious. I also think it’s hilarious to label things in a fashion that may cause police to be suspicious if they should ever need to search your baking cabinets. That or the way things would be labeled at Hogwarts.

For example:

Milk chocolate chips (not to be confused with semi-sweets, which are bat poop)
Powdered sugar
Cookie dough

I also have a bag of slivered almond labeled, “Fingernails” just to throw people off. Sean asks me what my problem is every time I bring out one of these items to start baking. I promise I’m not a cereal killer (duh-dun chh).

Do any of you like to label things in a funny manner? Or is this all my sick, sadistic sense of humor?


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