I love Saturdays

Saturday started with a 5:00 running up and down the hall scratching the curtains meowing in my face session from my cat. Dear Mitten Head, stop waking me up at 5:00 on a Saturday morning.

Glad you're awake. I can take a nap now.

After that, I went back to bed until about 7:20, which is pretty late for a weekend. Then Mitten Head came in again tearing up and down the hallways meowing at the foot of the bed. Sean and I forced ourselves up and awake and went for a jog. I didn’t even give him time to wake up. I guess I didn’t give myself time to wake up either.

Puffy eyed and somewhat Asian-looking. I promise I'm not Asian. I always had to be the Yellow Ranger when my friends and I played.

The jog this morning was better than the last one. Sean and I jogged after work on Monday, and it was just one giant suck-fest. It was a combination of being tired from a long day at work coupled with a bad attitude and the heat. It was destined to be a disaster. This morning, I pushed myself, accepted my time, and wasn’t a jerk to Sean about it. It was a successful run, overall.

Post run, still puffy-eyed but sweatier.

When we were on our way back in our apartment, I spotted a neighborhood cat. S/he came up to me meowing and begging and rubbing up against my sweaty legs. This car belongs to the lady in the apartment across the green from ours. She lets the cat out at random times. It was just starting (at 8:00ish) to get really humid and warm, and I felt bad for the poor cat who was wearing fur the equivalent of a winter coat. So I set out some food and water for it, hoping it would be ok. I just can’t pass up helping an animal.

Poor fluffamuffin.

In fact, I made Sean turn around and stop in the middle of a blind intersection during heavy traffic so I could save a turtle trying to cross the road. Just a tip, if you ever see an animal like that trying to cross a road, take it in the direction s/he’s going otherwise he or she will try to cross again.

After all that ruckus, Sean and I had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs (I had mine with just the tiniest pinch of Parmesan cheese), cinnamon raisin Ezekiel 4:9 bread (delicious) with buttah, and I made myself a mango-peach smoothie. Double delicious. I was going to eat and apple, too, but I was way too full.

I could eat this for every meal. No joke.
This was more like soft-serve than a smoothie. No worries. I just grabbed a spoon.

After that we went to the Dekalb Farmers’ Market because they have the best and best-priced produce on earth. No joke. Then we headed to the movies to see Captain America. I refuse to pay $7 for popcorn that costs $0.50 to make, so we always sneak in our own snacks. This time— popcorn and cherries, with a Nalgene full of water. The Nalgene is always the hardest thing to sneak in. I wonder if the movie people are ever suspicious of my enormous purse the weight of which I seem to always be struggle with.

Our movie "haul"

For dinner we’re going to have Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce, I new recipe I tried that Sean actually liked. Oh, Saturday, you’re awesome.


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