Things for my future house

I’m not really a domestic diva. But I am selfish. I mean, there’s no point in denying it. Ask Sean. And there are some things about buying a house one day that I am really looking forward to and I just can’t wait to have all for myself. Examples:

A washer and dryer of my own!

There is nothing like getting a load of laundry ready only to discover you’re out of quarters or all the washers in the communal laundry room are taken. I cannot wait to do laundry when I want and not have to worry about having the right number of quarters or other people doing their laundry at the same time. Sure, it’ll up my water and electric bill, but I just want clean clothes when I need them.

A vegetable garden

Our apartment complex has an organic veggie garden for the residents to come pick from and every time Sean and I walk to it, it’s picked clean. I got some beans and a jalapeno once. That’s about all of that. I can’t wait to pick fresh veggies and herbs from a garden I own without the risk of other (humans) beating me to it.


There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a cooking/baking project and not having enough counter space to complete it or to have to shuffle things around to get it done. My apartment suffers from super lack of counter space. It’s ridiculous. I can barely bake cookies. Here’s to hoping there is a counter for every need when I bake in my one-day house.

My future dog, Stitch.

I wouldn’t feel look a good dog owner unless I had something bigger than an apartment to house an animal other than Mitten Head in (she’s pretty pleased with life here). I really want a black French bulldog that I can name Stitch like the alien from Lilo & Stitch. Ah, how I miss having a yard.

A patio/deck with eating area!

The apartment balcony/deck is fairly small, and only fits a few small chairs. And our bikes. But I can’t wait until I can eat dinner outside without having to worry about spilling or weird people walking by watching me eat. The oddities of ground-floor living. Sigh.

Those are just a few of the things I’m really looking forward to in buying a house one day. Maybe one day when I decide to settle down, right? 😛


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