Homemade LaraBars

Have you ever had a Lara Bar? I love those things and live by them. They are the sole food that sustained me on my vacation. That’s probably not entirely true, but between Sean and I we finished a whole box. They are pretty simple, made of dates, cashews, and chocolate chips. Yeah, that’s it.

So I figured they must be super easy to make, too, right? Well for once I was right.

I found a recipe online for a similar bar/ball/whatever that the writer calls a Fudge Baby. I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe because that’s my favorite Lara Bar. According to her recipe you need the following:

  • A little less than 2/3 cup pitted dates
  • 1/4 cup cashews
  • handful of chocolate or chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate chips leftover from a cookie recipe)
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract

Put it all in the food processor and blend until gooey. Mine formed itself into a giant ball after a few seconds which made it way easier to get out of the food processor than I thought it would be.

Everything but the chocolate chips in the food processor.
The pits leftover from the dates.
All the glass ginger ale and root beer bottles that I finally said I'd be willing to get rid of as long as Sean can find glass recycyling... Hence why they're still on the kitchen counter.

This is why I’m preparing these on the stove…

This stuff is the goooood stuff.


The post-food processor result. Sweet and chocolatey.
Rolled into a cute and tasty little LaraBall.
All the resulting yumBallz. 🙂

I totally suggest you try this recipe as a sweet treat for yourself. It’s not too bad.


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