Review of Quorn

After I mentioned that getting protein is becoming a struggle because of my attempt at turning veggie, a couple of people suggested different alternative.

A lot of vegetarians don’t like meat substitutes. They feel like if they’re going to go vegetarian, especially for moral reasons, meat in any form or type should be eliminated. I read one lady talking about how she had issues feeding her child animal crackers because she was still teaching her children to eat animals in one form. While I’m not that extreme, I don’t have a problem finding a meat-substitute for now because I’m lacking in protein.

Jordan, one of my former coworkers from the law firm, suggested I try Quorn products which are soy-free, vegetarian meat substitutes. I stopped by Publix and picked up the “Chik’n Nuggets.”

Quorn products are made from “Mycoprotein” which is a protein from fungi. You should hang out with him! He’s a fun-gi! (Can’t resist a “quorny” joke! HA HA!). It was originally used as a food source during times of famine and food shortage. Exciting!

I made them in the oven (because I feel weird about microwaves)–heated up at 425 for 15 minutes, and paired them with snap peas and potatoes.

In terms of texture, they were just like regular chicken nuggets. The “coating” fell off a few times, but they are just the right combo of solid and … nuggety? I don’t know what that even means. You know when you have a black bean burger and it just falls apart into a bunch of different beans? This didn’t do that. It didn’t give itself away as vegetarian like black bean burgers do. I’d give them a 4 for texture.

As for taste, I didn’t eat them alone, by themselves, so I think that may have thrown me off a little bit. Out of habit, I ate my peas first (mom always taught me to eat green first), then the potatoes, then the nuggets. So I still had some potato/pea taste in my mouth when I tried them. Initially, I wasn’t too impressed, but I got the hang of them after a few more bites. They weren’t distinctly bad, though. They tasted chicken nuggety, and I even tried them with some barbecue sauce, because Sean said I couldn’t eat chicken nuggets without it.

Mine were a little dry, but I think that’s because I didn’t really pay attention to cooking them. I made fish sticks for Sean on the same pan and was trying to get a good in-between for both frozen meat substances. Ew. The barbecue sauce helped with that though.

Overall, I would recommend these as a good transitional food or source of protein for people who are trying to convert to vegetarianism or who already are and don’t mind a meat substitute.


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