Review of Tempeh

I recently reviewed Quorn Chik’n Nuggets after I complained about not being able to find adequate meat substitutes on my veggie quest.

A lot of vegetarians and vegans whose blogs I read eat tempeh, so I thought I’d try it out. Tempeh is a soy-based protein first made in Indonesia. It’s essentially fermented soybeans, and most recipes say you should fry it. However, I believe that defeats the purpose of eating it in the first place.

Last night I made stir fry and added some tempeh in to serve as the “meat” in the meal. So it comes in a loaf, and you cut it and cook it like meat. I got Organic Three Grain Tempeh form Publix and gave it a try.

Organic Three Grain Tempeh
To give you an idea of the texture.
20 grams of protein per serving!
20 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber per serving!

I sprayed a pan with Pam and put in the sliced tempeh and let it brown on both sides. Then I added in my stir fry veggies and let them cook for about 5-6 minutes until tender-crisp. Then I added my sauce and voila, dinner in 10 minutes.


The tempeh has a nutty sort of taste and goes well with stir fry. The texture is a little grainy, but I think it’s because I got the three grain kind. I don’t know if I could eat it by itself. A lot of people apparently marinate it to give it a stronger flavor and soften the “loaf.” And I’ve seen other people put it in sandwiches and wraps just like they would lunch meat (which the World Cancer Research Fund recent said you should STOP EATING COMPLETELY).


Overall, I think I’ll keep eating tempeh. It was pretty good, and there are lots of different kinds. So I think I’ll try some more out.


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