Get a hobby!

This past Tuesday was the last soccer game of the summer season for our good old team, Purple Haze. We tied to a pretty good team, and even won the week before. It’s like, just when we were getting our act together, the season’s over. I had some pretty excellent chances at a goal last night, but whiffed it both times.

The first time, the ball was crossed to me at the far post, and all the defenders started running toward me. I thought I saw one of my teammates running toward the center, so I passed it right in front of the goal, look up, and no one’s there. Not any of my teammates anyway. So whiff #1.

Whiff #2 wasn’t as innocent. I was in the same position as before, at the far post, no one on me. My teammate crossed it to me, and I turned my foot out for a quick pass-like shot into the goal. Missed the corner by about 8 inches. Argh!

Mitten is so disappointed, she can't even look me in the eyes.

I also managed to get hit pretty hard in the face from a ball coming off of someone else’s header. It even rubbed the skin off my eyelid, and intensified the mini-migraine I’ve been trying to stave off for the past four days.

What’s a mini-migraine, you ask? Well, to me it feels like the beginning stages of a migraine, but it’s never escalated to a full-on skull crusher. However, it’s been lingering around like an unwanted house guest since Monday. This must be what a normal headache feels like, but for 4 days? My brain is on some sort of sketchy partying binge, forgetting its normal responsibilities. What an inconsiderate jerk!

Our next soccer season doesn’t start until September, though, which means I need to kick my half marathon training into super gear. I’ve sort of been putting it off because, gasp, running is suddenly not fun anymore. Now that it’s serious, and I actually have to work, it’s losing the allure that it once held. The half is October 2 which means I have about two months to get my mileage and endurance up to … way more than it is now. I’ve never done a race this long before, and I expect to take a few walking/wogging breaks.

Should I bring fuel? As in, should I invest in Gu, gummy bears, or whatever to help propel myself so I don’t get too tired halfway through? Any experienced runners have any advice?

Advice: Take more ridiculous pictures.

But since we have a month before our soccer season starts again, I was thinking about taking on some new activities. I didn’t ever go back to the book club I was so excited to join. After the June meeting, where we talked about the book for 5 minutes and then the book club leader’s life for the other 55 (and I left early even), I was pretty sure I didn’t fit in there. There’s a ballroom dance studio that gives private and group lessons for a fairly decent price nearby. There are other soccer leagues that we could possibly join. That league also has a flag football league. How fun would that be? I’m a pretty decent corner-back, if I do say so myself. Any suggestions?


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