Saturday Health Class

I found a few interesting infographics online throughout the week that I thought I’d share with you today. I love infographics because, well, it’s a fun way to learn new stuff. These have to do with healthy eating because it’s me, guys. Duh!

Good, better, & best of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs. Click for a larger image.

I like this one a lot because it helps determine a balance. If your going to eat a “fair” food, you can know how to balance it with a “best” food. See? Neato to the max!

Sorry it's sort of hard to read!

This one helps you figure what to eat instead. If you’re craving blank then you’re body is telling you that it needs blank. I’ve never even thought of cravings that way. I don’t know if this chart is entirely true, but I like the concept.

Suggested portion sizes.

This one helps determine what a healthy portion size of certain foods is. Helpful to me! I eat WAY more than the correct portion of pasta…Yeeps!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Health Class

    1. Thanks for opening up the archives! I agree that the notion of “proportions” varies based on each person. However, I think it helps some people to visualize what might be a healthier alternative to their current portion sizes.

      Thanks for the input!

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