The Carolyn Workout – Part III

Alrighty, we’ve come to the final segment of the Carolyn Workout–what I do when I don’t want to go to the gym! You can find Part I and Part II here.

Sorry for slacking on this one, between 101 Dalmatians and Pinterest and Boxing and TRX I’ve been a little distracted from blogging. So, here we go.

And just for the fun of repeating myself, here’s the order I like to follow:

  • Warm Up
  • Squats (Legs 1)
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Triceps
  • Biceps
  • Lunges (Legs 2)
  • Shoulders
  • Abs
  • Cool down

Now that we’re into Part III, I’ll tell you about shoulders, abs, and cool down.

For shoulders, you can do regular old pushups, but let’s face it, no one likes those. So here’s what do:

Lateral shoulder lifts – you start out holding your weights in your hands in front of your legs, palms facing inward, and lift out toward the walls so your body forms a T shape. Make sense? Here’s a picture to help.

Notes how her knees are slightly bent. Also, note how muscley she is...

This one burns after a while! Ouchie! You can mix it up and alternate with front shoulder raises which look like this.

I like to alternate one front raise with one lateral raise.

An awesome shoulder burner I learned from Jackie Warner’s DVD is the Arnold Press. This one is a three-step move as opposed to just two. You start off with a weight in each hand, and your elbows bent at 90 degrees straight out from your body. So if I were to look at your profile, I’d see you with your knees slightly bent, your elbows aligned with your shoulders and your forearms facing your face. Then you turn your palms out while lifting the weights above your head… That one’s a little tougher to explain. Here’s some demonstration.

Look at those tats, dawg.

Anyway, those are some good shoulder starters along with regular old pushups. Shmeesh!

Now on to my favorite part, the abulars! Hoorah! The best way to work your abs is most def the plank/side plank. Now, I know everyone hate this one… Wait, you guys don’t hate it? Well, maybe it’s just me. If it’s done correctly, though, man it gets the work done. So to do the plank you just pretend you’re a piece of wood.

Level 1 Plank Level 2 Plank Level 3 Plank Keys to this move: Don’t lift your butt too high. Don’t sink your back too low. If it gets hard alternate. I try to hold what I can for at least one minute.

Obliques? No worries, there’s a plank for that too! Modification: Side oblique crunch: You get in a side plank and “thread the needle” underneath your side. Yeowch!You can also do some vertical crunches, or crunches with legs extended straight up. The key to these is not pulling with your neck. My trick, find a point on the ceiling and lift your whole head to that point, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and while you’re pulling yourself up with your abs, force your neck back into your palms so you know it’s not the neck pulling up. There’s also the reverse crunch which works lower abs (you know, that pooch we all hate). Lie on the floor and place hands on the floor or behind the head.  Bring the knees in towards the chest until they’re bent to 90 degrees, with feet together or crossed. Contract the abs to curl the hips off the floor, reaching the legs up towards the ceiling. It’s a very small movement, so try to use your abs to lift your hips rather than swinging your legs and creating momentum. Ok now time for some cool down. This is a great time to stretch… And by that I mean STRETCHING IS REQUIRED! DO NOT SKIP IT! IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

I’m just gonna go through these in pictures because I’m sure you guys are tired of reading. Hold each one for 20-30 seconds.

Quad Stretch
Chest Stretch
Back Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Bicep Stretch (Note: Wall required)
Hamstring Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Total Body Stretch

And that’s all there is to it! Easy squeezy, right? What’s that? You’d rather go to the gym? Well, fine then.

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