10 more personal questions

Remember when I answered 10 personal questions? Oh, you don’t? You mean, that wasn’t the most memorable post I’ve ever written? Well, garsh, you guys, I just didn’t know you felt that way.

I suppose that since you found that piece so interesting, I should avoid something similar.

Not! Because I love talking about myself! Feel free to expose yourself (not in the naked way) by answering some of these in the comments if you so desire. They are taken from one of my favorite blogs, Healthy Tipping Point.

Here we go.

What are you really good at?  What are you really bad at?

Is it sad that I’m having a hard time coming up with an answer for this one? Le sigh. I’m pretty good at cleaning, and writing, and keeping schedules. Sounds like I’m make a good housekeeper. Gag. I’m good at being opinionated and exercising. I’m good at snuggling and sleeping. I’m bad about walking around the apartment without pants on and with the blinds open. Let’s face it, folks, when you spend a whole day confined to pants, it just feels good to go pant-less regardless of who’s walking the dog right outside your porch garden… I’m bad at budgeting and saving money. I’m also bad at avoiding political arguments, though I have been really good at this during work hours.

Have you ever been in a car accident?  What happened?

I have been in two accidents. Neither my fault. One I was driving and was rear-ended by my boyfriend at the time who claims to have lost control of his brakes, but probably just wasn’t paying attention. The other time someone else was driving and we rear-ended the person in front of us. That last one was traumatizing.

Why did you attend your college?

As much as I wouldn’t admit this when I was in college, my boyfriend at the time convinced me to go there to stay with him. After I’d been there for a short amount of time, I fell in love with it. Maryville College was one of the best experiences of my life, even if it took me a whole year to get in gear and get involved.

Describe your morning routine today.

My cat came in and started meowing at 5:00 AM, so I got out of bed at 5:15, before the 5:30 alarm went off. I washed my face and put in my contacts, then went to the kitchen to make a special Friday breakfast with Sean (eggs, Ezekiel 4:9 cinnamon raisin toast, and fruit). I ate breakfast while reading the news on my computer. Then put my dishes away, brushed and flossed my teeth, and got dressed. Since I had extra time from getting up early, I put the clean dishes away and put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. I made my lunch and fed the cat, opened all the blinds and put on some makeup (mascara, really), then headed out the door for work.

Have you ever snooped through someone else’s things? Did you find anything interesting?

Of course, I’m like the master of snooping. I have most definitely found some things I didn’t want to find.

What do you think happens when you die?

I’m not really sure anymore. Maybe we just die. I’d like to believe in heaven, but I feel like Karl Marx most of the time, that “religion is the opiate of the masses,” created to make us fee better about our inability to punish those who we want to punish and our fear about what waits beyond this life. What if it is just nothing? And why would a kind and generous God allow people to go to hell? There’s a reason people generally turn away from religion (and it’s usually a bad experience with it) or they never experience it. Why would God let them go to hell as opposed to making it easy for everyone to accept religion? It doesn’t seem cohesive to me.

Are you superstitious?

I’m not superstitious out of actual superstition, I’m superstitious out of habit. Ever since I read the origin of “knocking on wood,” I’ve done the knock on wood thing. Except I don’t ever say, “Knock on wood.” I just do it, which probably makes me even more of a weirdo.

Do people think you are younger or older than you actually are?

Usually younger, although since I cut my hair, no one’s really commented on how old they think I am. I usually get pegged for 20ish though. Which is about what I am…

How did your parents’ relationship influence you?

My parents weren’t together when I was born, so I suppose it influenced me quite a bit. I was raised in quite the matriarchy, women ruled and men were supporting characters. That’s probably led me to be the strong-willed and independent-minded person I am today.

What were the three happiest moments of your life?

Is it bad that this one is so hard too? I’m going to go with the day I performed with The Gateway to Independence (a non-profit for adults with special needs) at April Foolies. The smiles and joy on that stage in that few moments was electric and lit me up enough for a lifetime of happiness. The day we got Mitten Head. I’d always wanted a kitty of my own and she was so sweet and so soft and such a kitty. Yay! Aaaaaand… watching my baby brother perform with the marching band in competitions. He is a good little drummer. And I miss him.


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