Saturday bruschetta

I just made the best homemade bruchetta. Ok, I’m sure it’s not the best ever made, but it was WAY better than I expected it to be, and it won the Sean seal of approval!

But let’s rewind to way before that. Sean decided to stay up late last night to play video games (which he does sometimes on the weekends) while I read, wrote letters for my 25 Things Before 25 list, and went to bed early. Except that before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I was trying to sleep. And when it gets late, and I get weirdly tired, my mind starts to wander to weird places. See this late-night conversation.

So at 11:30, Sean was sitting in the TV-lit living room, headphones on, clicking away at the XBOX controller when I walk out half-dazed and half-asleep asking him to come to bed because I couldn’t stop thinking about serial killers cutting me open from my belly button to my neck and scooping out my insides. (I have a very active imagination when it’s past 9:30.) Before I could even finish and as soon as he heard “serial killers,” he turned off the game and came to bed. I think I apologized this morning for being a 5-year-old.

See how mature I am?

When Mitten Head made the rounds at 5:15 this morning, I got up to feed her some watery food since her teeth are acting up again, and then went promptly back to bed. I slept in until 7:00 and then, wait for it, ran!

My run this morning was seriously glorious. I don’t know exactly what it was, but I have some ideas about the factors.

  • I had music since I got an iPhone armband
  • The temperature and humidity were lower than usual
  • There was a killer breeze
  • I ran at my own pace

According to my iMapMyRun app, I ran about 5.5 miles at an average of 9:45 mile. I’m not aiming for time in my half marathon, but more for finishing. And this morning’s run gave me the confidence boost I really needed in feeling like I could totally accomplish my goal. Sean’s iPod ran out of juice after about 3 miles so he headed home, but I kept going and was just going to run home. I think I finally got that “runner’s high” that is reserved for serious runners. I would have continued running, at least, I felt like I could. But Sean made a brakes appointment for his car and came back to the park to pick me up to head to the mechanic.

Ok, this is not actually from Saturday's run, but I felt happy like this!

I’m so very muchly hoping to replicate that run/feeling on my Sunday morning run. I want it so badly. My playlist included

  • Don’t Stop Me Now and other Queen songs
  • Life in the Fast Lane and other Eagles’ songs
  • Crazy Life and other Michael Buble songs

Sean and I also plan on hiking on Sunday to 1. get outta the freaking house, and 2. help fulfill my #16 goal on my 25 Things Before 25 list (but Sean doesn’t know that). Amicalola State Park, here we come!

After a long day of mechanics and grocery shopping (which is an adventure in itself), we went to our apartment complex’s “Riverfest” celebration (since we’re right on the river). Except we made it a little too late, and all the good stuff was over. After that, we made a quick trip to Michael’s craft store so I can start on some homemade crafts I saw on Pinterest. Seriously addicted to that site.

And then… (here’s the great part) I made a delicious homemade brucshetta. Italian meals seem to be a real hit with Sean. Here’s how I made it.

I didn't know they'd be this good, or I'd have taken more pics.

Preheat oven to 350. Cut four slices diagonally from an Italian or French bread loaf, coat them in olive oil, and stick ’em in a hot pan to brown. Meanwhile cut up half a big, ol’ fat tomato, a clove of garlic, a little bit of onion, fresh oregano and basil. Flip the bread. Add in a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and drizzle in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Mix well, top browned bread with tomato mixture. Then sprinkle with your cheese of choice. Unfortunately, our mozzarella was moldy (I knew I should have used it sooner!) so we had to settle for the less-Italian cheddar. Keep in oven until cheese is melty.

Then devour and drool. Much like a toothless Mitten Head.

I gotta whole pile a' drool waiting till you fall asleep!

As a side note, check out my recently updated 25 Things Before 25 list (#8, #12, and #25). You can help out my emailing your address to me at 25thingsbefore25(at)gmail(dot)com. 


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