Annie, are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?

Sorry for shirking my blog responsibilities yesterday. Sean got me an iced mocha yesterday and from then on I couldn’t sit down or hold still for any more than two seconds. Coffee and I do not mix well… In any form. It makes me weird. Jittery, shaky, stomach-achey, talkative, and indecisive. Seriously, I paced the aisles of Hobby Lobby about 15 times each… And left with nothing.

No weekend nap was had yesterday either. I even painted and spent hours researching getting a tattoo… Which I am still considering, only with a lot less seriosity. I started the annotated version of Pride and Prejudice. Who am I? A maniac, that’s who, especially on coffee.

But it tasted like heaven.

Also I saw this sign as we were leaving Hobby Lobby. I quite agree…

Here are some other Saturday goings ons… Goings ons? Meh, I need a nap to recuperate from yesterday.

Mitten is guarding Sean during a nap.
She accepts payment in pets.
What a regal Mitten!
A corny work in progress...
Our couch grew a tail!

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