Exercise finder

Oh. Em. Geeeeee! I bet you wake up in the morning, and you kiss yourself, cause I would, if I were you. Sorry, I’m getting carried away.

But I found this awesomesauce website that totally makes The Carolyn Workout posts obsolete. Firstly, let me tell you how I got there.

Pinterest. That site is so totally amazeballs. Serially. Anyway, I searched for new workout ideas (because I tend to get a little bored with the same stuff over and over), and found a lot of coolio plans and ideas:

See? How cool are those? And there are zillions more. But I also found this cooooooolio website called Exercise Finder. On this site, there’s a picture of a body and you choose the part you want to work (or you can choose from a drop-down menu: stomach, thighs, butt, arms, etc.). Once you choose a body part, it gives you bazillionz of options to work that area.

HOORAH! No more burnout! For example:

If I chose “THIGHS,” it’s got four pages of exercises to choose from–everything from calf raises on a stair to water aerobics exercises to balance ball and even couch exercises! Something for every level! How coolio is this?

Each exercise has an illustration and instructions.

Say I choose static lunges:

Stand with your right leg extended in front of you, and the heel of your left foot to the ground. Move your left leg back while balancing on the ball of your right foot. Your legs should be about hip width apart. Place your hands on your hips. Bend both your legs at the same time, keeping your back straight. Hold the position for three seconds before coming back up to the starting position.

Do one set of 12 reps before switching positions so that your left leg is in front. Do four sets in total.

With this illustration! I’m going to use it tonight!

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