Exercise mix-up

Remember when I found the Exercise Finder? Pinterest is so very fun!

Well, after our almost 7 mile run on Saturday, I was not feeling another run on Sunday, and neither was Sean. So we tried different workouts. Excitingly enough, I tried a workout that I found on Pinterest:

It was not easy peasy. It started out fine, but by go-around #4, the wall sit was torture and I could hear my wrists popping during the pushups! But, boy, did I sweat.

I tried to execute it as fast as I could with minimal rest time in between sets. Meanwhile, if I caught myself slacking on form I slowed down a little to make sure I was getting the full benefit of the workout.

I’ll have to say, I wasn’t sore afterward, but I felt like I got a pretty good cardio workout that mixed things up pretty well. Tonight I’m going to skip YMCA Body Sculpt and try an arm workout.

What self-respecting woman would pose for this picture?

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