Why I am in love with Mad Men

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, Man Men is my new Netflix obsession. I’m only halfway in to season 2, but there’s something about the show–the characters, the filming, the quips and dialogue, the time period, the costumes–that just gets me. Sean doesn’t get it. He thinks it’s boring and slow. He thinks it takes forever to get to the point. He thought the season 1 finale was barely a finale.

But I was taken. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel like I could live in the 1960s, I don’t know. I think what reeled me in and kept me watching was the characters.

If you haven’t started Mad Men and are perhaps considering it, let me warn you, THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!

Firstly, I completely identified with Peggy Olsen. 

I often feel like the “new kid” in situations because of how awkward I can be. Heck, I even dress like a modern-day version of Dorky Peggy Olson. When she first got to Sterling Cooper, she was the naive, innocent kid, and I feel like I live a lot of my life in that persona. She doesn’t wear low-cut dresses (at least not yet), and she even embarrasses me with how hard she tries.

Another thing I love about the characters of Mad Men is how realistic they are. Sometimes I feel sorry for them. Sometimes I’m on their side. Sometimes I think they are giant scumbags. Exmaples:

The handsome and debonair Don Draper. 

Of course I’m totally in love with Don Draper when he’s nice to Peggy (vicariously me) or when he acts like a real father and husband to his kids and wife (respectively). I feel bad for him when people are mean to him, and I’m on his side when he gets into work arguments (like the time Duck made him let go of Mohawk Airlines for American Airlines). But when he’s off seducing other women, I can’t help but think, “What a stupid-head-dummy-face loser of a guy.” He’s got a smoking wife, why does he need to mess around? Maybe I’ll figure out why he’s such a womanizer, like he has some excuse looming in his past. But really there’s no excuse. I like Don Draper 80% of the time.

Which brings me to Betty Draper.

I feel for Betty Draper. Poor, poor Betty. She is. so. lonely. I realize that she divorces Don later in the series, and maybe she’s not all that relatable of a character. But for some reason I am always drawn to the unhappy housewife. I reveled in her anger an misery as I watched her confront Don about his cheating last night. And then when she’s happy, she’s so innocently happy. I like it when she shows her flaws, like when she resents her kids and is mean to them. She’s a polite friend and not afraid to say she’s sorry.

I like a lot of the office staff:

Joan Holloway
Ken Cosgrove
Trudy Campbell (Pete Campbell's wife)

Which beings me to the one guy I just love to hate. Ya know, sometimes I feel really sorry for Pete Campbell, but most of the time I just detest him. The way he talks, his attitude, the way he treats other people, his sense of importance. Will someone please just slap the bejesus out of Pete Campbell’s spoiled arse?

Someone backhand him, please.

I need to calm down…

Ah… Now that’s much better. A face and a character I can get behind. Good old, Salvatore.

So, getting to the point, I totally recommend you watch Mad Men. You’ll get super addicted to nighttime drama and wonder why you even bothered with other shows/Netflix movies. You queue will sit unwatched until you finish the available seasons, and you’ll have to wait an eternity for the next one.

Maybe I should slow myself down…


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