New shoes

I need ’em. My feets, knees, hips, etc. always kill me after a run. I may have a weird running stance, but I make sure to warm up, cool down, stretch out. It’s gotta be the shoes…

Sean and I went for s short run this morning, not because we were too tired or too worn out to run further. We just didn’t want to. Does that make me lame?

My favorite breakfasts are weekend post-run breakfasts. There’s something about being so flipping hungry that makes eggs and toast taste so good.

My running playlist was a new workout mix I bought. I like it because it goes quickly from one track to another with no silence in between songs, and the beat transfers from song to song. Each song is 132 beats per minute. It’s essentially like it’s one continuous song.

Rock That Body
Move, Shake, Drop
Ridin’ Solo
Shut It Down
Empire State of Mind
Carry Out
If We Ever Meet Again
Now I’m That Chick
Took the Night
Rude Boy

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t love all the songs on this playlist, but it’s nice to listen to something new while running. Now Sean and I are going to head to the one million grocery stores to re-fill or fridge.

Then tonight I’m going to babysit from 6 until one million in the morning. LOOOOOONG day ahead. I think this will call for a midday nap.

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope it’s magnificent!


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