Exciting Saturday


Did I ever tell you guys I sold my kitchen table? This was way back in June, and then it occurred to me that I have no way of getting any other form of furniture from a store to my house because I have no large vehicle. Sean was tired of me complaining about my lack of table, so he asked around at his work for a place that would rent trucks to people under 25, and his very awesome coworker offered to let us use her truck for 30 minutes this morning (she lives right down the road from us)!

So by tonight, I will be dining at a lovely TABLE as opposed to standing in the kitchen or sitting on the coach.

Also, I recently received Jillian Michaels KILLER BUN & THIGHS.

Hooray! Maybe I can mix-and-match workout DVDs for a more-awesome full-body workout. And of course there will be a review!

Now, off to get in my weekend run before it’s TABLE TIME! Happy Saturday to all!


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