Saturday in the park

I know we live in the south, and that it won’t be long before it’s almost 90 degrees again, but can I just tell you guys how much I am LOVING this weather?

The run was beautiful this morning. There’s nothing like watching the sun rise over the river with a bit of a chill in the air! Woo! It was invigorating!

After our run, Sean and I had a lovely breakfast of eggs and whole wheat waffles. I made them a few weekends ago, but froze them so we could have them again later. Good idea! Also, Sean thinks it’s disgusting, but I just LOVE runny eggs. I think it tastes so good when you scramble an egg and leave it just a bit uncooked. Topped with mozzarella cheese. Delicioso!

After a trip to Barnes & Noble last night, I came home with 4 new books:

  • Room
  • Olive Kitteridge
  • The Dream of Perpetual Motion
  • The Virgin Suicide

I thought I’d give Jeffrey Eugenides another chance after my thorough disappointment with Middlesex.

For now, it’s off to the farmer’s market, to spend my Whole Foods groupon, and then an afternoon of reading and enjoying this weather! Hoorah! Have a great Saturday everyone!

Mitten Head is enjoying the open windows, too!

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