As I mentioned on Saturday, Sean and I took a quick trip to Barnes & Noble Friday night (because my Borders closed, sad face), and I picked up four new books. It’s not like I don’t have a million books to read, but something about new ones just reinvigorates me.

One of the novels I got was Room by Emma Donoghue. I’m just going to say it now – SPOILER ALERT.Room is told from the perspective of a five-year old boy about he and his mother living in an 11 foot by 11 foot “room” as captives of a man the boy calls “Old Nick” because he only comes at night. The book tells the tale of their escape and attempt to re-integrate into a world the mother no longer recognizes and the boy has never even seen, because he was born in the room.

While I find the psychology of the characters and the narration to be spot on, the plot seems highly contrived. The mother asks the five-year old to fake his death so the man will take him to be buried. She instructs her son to jump out of the truck and run to find someone to help. And it all works out. In reality, this scenario would never have played out the way it does in the book. And there’s not much that makes me want to suspend my disbelief in this area.

Perhaps if there were examples of failed attempts at an escape I could believe it (the mother mentions once to the boy that she tried to hit Old Nick over the head with the toilet lid, but that was a long time ago before he was born).

Overall, on a one-to-ten scale I give it a 6. Not my favorite book, but not the worst. If anything, I’d suggest reading it for the unique narrator and glimpse into the psychology of someone being held captive.


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