Fall television

This week was the week of the season premiere. All the good shows started this week (with the except of House). For the most part, Sean and i watched our usual shows. I thought I’d let you know what we’re into and what we thought of the each show’s new start.

Monday: The Sing Off (until House returns in October).

I really like The Sing Off. I watched it the last two seasons as a cappella groups from across the nation battled it out for a record deal. I like this show because 1. I was raised on a cappella music 2. People get creative and really mix it up on this show. 3. It’s fun to watch. The second place winners last season sang rock a cappella! Fancy!

This season, the judges include Ben Folds (musical genius from Nashville), Shawn Stockman from Boys II Men (a great group), and, new this season, Sara Bareilles. Bareilles is replacing Nicole Scherzinger who contributed little other than, “You move me,” and “I love your style,” in the last two seasons.

I only watched the first hour of the show this past Monday, but I already like Bareilles as an addition to the show, and the groups seem really talented and fun! Can’t wait to see more next week!

Tuesday: Glee

Sean and I are curious to see how Glee turns out this season. The first season had a continuous plot that seemed to over-arch throughout the whole season, meanwhile season 2 was disjointed and hard to believe, even for Glee. This season, Sam mysteriously disappeared (a character who they worked hard to integrate the last season), and a lot of notable characters are seniors… which means they have to graduate.

I wasn’t too impressed with the first episode of the season. There was less music than I normally prefer and WAY too much Rachel Berry for my taste. I have a feeling Lea Michele is Rachel Berry in real life. The more I see of her in magazines and photos, the more annoyed I get with her.

We’ll see with Glee.

Wednesday: Modern Family

Modern family never seems to disappoint. The characters are hilarious and totally remind me of Sean and I. Claire + Phil = Carolyn + Sean. It’s ridiculous. I think it’s like watching my own life on TV, which may be why I like it so much. I think everyone can see themselves in these characters.

The season premiere of this show was 2 30-minute episodes. The first the whole family goes to a ranch in Jackson Hole, WY. Gloria is hilarious. Mitch and Cam are hilariouser. The end.

There’s a new Lily who looks MUCH older than the last Lily. Apparently, the actress last season was 3 and the new Lily is 4, but she seems to have grown a whole two feet. Also, the character is slightly annoying, always looking disheveled. Nothing against the little girl, but as my friend Jenn said, the character is not my favorite.

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy

Much like Glee, Sean and I are wondering how long this show will last. People can only have affairs with so many other people. Doctors are getting married and having kids. We’ll see. Characters I love: Cristina, Owen, Jackson, Karev, and Bailey. Characters I could do without: April Kepner.

The premiere episode was two hours long (sheesh). Meredith Grey is looking old and Derek Shepherd is also getting to be a tiring character. I hope they amp up the drama soon so I can hold interest in what’s going on for a while!

What TV shows are you excited about this fall?


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