Twig Boobs

Have I ever told you guys about Twig Boobs? Please tell me what you are imagining in your brains right now. A woman with tree branches hanging off her shirt? Well, you’re almost there…

When you run every weekend, you tend to see the same people over and over. I see that old couple with the man who walks the woman in her wheelchair and then sits beside her on the bench. You see fast runners, and slow runner, etc. etc. etc.

Well there’s always this one lady who I cannot help but judge. Even you would have a hard time not looking at her and asking, “Why? Why would you do that?”

She’s obviously an avid runner. She’s pretty tall and has what I would consider to be a runner’s body–lean, muscular, long, but not bulky. Except for that when you have 15% body fat, you happen to lose “the girls.” I would have no problem sacrificing a little “cuppage” if I gained the running ability, endurance, and joy that this woman probably has.

She, however, did not feel that way, and most definitely has had breast enhancement. It is in no way a natural-looking breast augmentation. Hence the name “Twig Boobs.” She looks like a long twig with enormous breasts.

I wouldn’t mind as much except for the fact that she wears NO clothing. While running in the summer mornings, she used to wear a slinky sports bra and itty-bitty shorts (what I might consider underwear). This morning, it was pretty chilly, and I wore running tights, a t-shirt and a long-sleeve shirt.

Twig Boobs wore her itty-bitty teenie-weenie underwear shorts and a tank top. (What?! She covered her midriff?)

I know I shouldn’t be too harsh on Twig Boobs. I mean, as long as she’s happy with her own body, right? But it is so distracting because, in my opinion, her body type + breast enhancement is so very unattractive. I wish Twig Boobs would have left herself alone and embraced her membership in the itty bitty titty committee (sorry if you hate that word, I kind of do too).

Ladies, there is no need to be ashamed of your body type! If you athletic with a little less on top, that is attractive, too! If you’ve got a little more to go around, there’s nothing wrong with that either. It’s about loving yourself for who you are and living a healthy lifestyle!

The Lululemon Manifesto

One thought on “Twig Boobs

  1. (Devil’s Advocate Time)

    It could be that hers were natural. I dated a girl in High School who was in the upper C’s, and only had about 15 or 20% body fat.

    In other news, I need to start running…. I was always a good sprinter, but never did any distance running… and it shows when I try to. Keep talking about running, you’re inspiring me to get back into it.

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