Sunday funday

I love the weekend. While we often spend most of our Saturday grocery shopping and cleaning the house, we managed to get a lot done in just two days.

We ended up staying up late Friday night. Well, Sean didn’t want to go to bed, and I hate being woken up multiple times a night when something happens in the video game he’s playing or when he stumbles in when it’s way dark. So, I just stayed up too. Let me just say, 11:00 P.M. is way too late for this girl.

Saturday we slept through our run time, and it was honestly kind of nice to eat breakfast early and get going on chores first thing. We went grocery shopping and got everything home in time to head to the Furkids Annual Open House. We found Mitten Head there last year and brought her home a few weeks later, and I was secretly on the search for a friend kitty for Lyra.

This purrito needs a pal.

There were tons-o-people there petting the cats, playing with kittens, and donating to a great cause. They had a bake sale, a raffle for a cat tree, and food and goodies, too. Tons of fun!

Then we came home and took a nap, because that’s what weekends are for. Saturday night I babysat two of the most well-behaved kids and met their super-nice parents. Sometimes, babysitting is a pleasure. And it’s always fun when there are good kids.

Sunday morning, we woke up early to get in a nice, cool sunrise jog. We saw Twig Boobs (just a caveat, someone commented that maybe her chesticles were natural… Most def not the case. Capsular contracture. Look it up.). We came home and made a special Sunday breakfast of crepes, and then went back to bed.

I love sleeping on the weekends. After waking up, we went on a hunt for a fall leaf tablecloth. No luck. Then came soccer.

Purple Haze did well today, tying the opposing team while playing a man down (since I was the only girl and you’re required to have at least two). I even had some nice shots (though no scores) on goal. Next time, Gadget.

After that, I made spinach-stuffed shells for dinner (I’ll add it to my recipe page soon), and we watched some Mad Men. I’m sorry to see the weekend end, but Monday is coming fast, and next weekend (and our first half marathon!) will be here before you know it!

Happy Monday!



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