Sunday exhaustday

Oh my gosh. It’s Sunday night, and I’m sitting on the couch half-watching football. Falcons versus Seahawks, what? Who cares? I’m exhausted. I need another day in this weekend to just work the soreness out of whole self.

My coworker Kelsey and I

Sunday morning, Sean and I ran the 13.1 half marathon in Brookhaven. It a nice little neighborhood with lots of nice houses and whatnot. It was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. At about mile 5 I started getting bored with running, even the new scenery wasn’t holding me over.

Then at mile 8, my knees started aching horribly (something that started yesterday for some reason and was exacerbated today). I walked up a few hills after my knees started grinding against each other. Yeouch. While it was not the most fun while I was running, I was glad I did it afterward.

After the run, Sean and I tried to rest a little with warm corn bags on our aches.We went to Moe’s and munched on a burrito and salsa for lunch, and then headed to pick up….

Two new babies! Allow my to introduce you to Edison and Tesla.

Tesla is the little tabby guy and Edison is the black cat! Just in time for Halloween! Mitten Head is having a hard time getting used to them still, but I think she’ll come around… Eventually.

We maaaaay have gotten in a little over our heads with these two, but I just couldn’t say no to these guys. Right now they are in the guest bathroom with their little water and food bowls, scratching stand, and baby litter box.

After picking up and settling these two little guys in, we went to our soccer game.

That… was like swimming in a pool of razors and drying off with a salty towel. Yeah. That bad.

My knees were crying the whole time and the giant blister on my big toe. Sean was sore too. I’m pretty sure the score was 10 to 1. Ten. You’d think after a while, the other team would switch their defense with their offense. Meh. Sportsmanship doesn’t exist in adult soccer.

Now we’re relaxing on the couch, watching clips of Melissa McCarthy on SNL. She is flipping hilarious. We’re also trying to win back Mitten’s love. Go figure.


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