Kitty bonding time

Sorry I’ve slacked on my bloggerly duties. Don’t worry I’m up early Wednesday morning just to write for you.

Ok. That is false.

I’m really up because two little kitten are tearing up my guest bathroom and Sean is too tired to not want to kill them. They are meowing and jostling the door, trying to get out. And I can’t blame them. After having (almost) full run of the house last night to explore and sniff around, being stuck in a tiny bathroom all night must be kitty torture.

Babies just want to be loved.

But I think it might be worse to hear growling and hissing all night since Mitten Head is still in the “adjustment process.” I imagine she’ll be adjusting for a while now. And the adoption agency says we have to take the whole cat integration process in tiny steps.

I remember when we first got her, the first few nights she cried the whole time. Eventually I got up and went in her room to lay with her, and she was fine.

Baby Mitten Head!

So here’s to the ongoing saga of new kitties, and old kitties, and no sleep. It’s ok, my neck was hurting anyway.


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