Taco night fail

Sunday night is always bittersweet for me. It’s so nice to relax and hang out, but it’s also not so awesome to know that the weekend is almost over. Sean has tomorrow off because he works for the government, and it’s Columbus Day… I want all the federal holidays off! Blargh!

So, sorry I’ve been inundating you with pictures and videos of our new kitties. We’ve been trying to split our time equally between Mitten Head and the new guys. Mitten Head’s behavior has been a little less photographable than theirs, though. She’s gotten a lot better about not growling and hissing as much. It seems like the kittens never seek her out or try to provoke her, but when she happens to walk up beside one of them, watch out!

When Mitten Head loved us 😦

She’s also progressed past lunging to actual batting. It’s pretty interesting around our house nowadays.

I tried to make tempeh tacos tonight from a recipe I found in my Peas and Thank You vegan cookbook. Let’s just say I didn’t finish mine. Sean said they “weren’t bad.” But we all know that’s code for “they weren’t good either…” Oh well.

Next time, Gadget.

Some of the other vegan recipes I’ve tried from that book have been real surprise successes (like the black bean soup, which Sean ate for a week, or the black bean burgers which served as meals for us for two nights).

Also, all day I’ve had this weird shooting pain up my neck and into the right side of my head. I don’t know if I slept weird or have some kind of on-again-off-again migraine, but I would really like this weird head condition to slow down.

Sean and I are gearing up (by blogging and researching video games) for the big Falcons vs. Packers game. We’re not really invested in either team, but it’s sure to be interesting. I don’t foresee staying up for the whole thing, though, since someone (me) has to get up at 5am tomorrow. Sigh.


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