Muh Tuesday

Tuesday was just not my day. I’ve been nursing a mini-migraine since Saturday. It started out as neck pain up the right side of my head that seemed to throb up to my right eyebrow. It’s moved to the middle of my head since then but stayed mainly on the right side. Ugh. I’ve almost considered scheduling a doctor appointment to see about getting a migraine prescription again.

But last time I had Maxalt, it made me really angry and then put me to sleep instantly. Not very helpful if you’re not at home when you take it. No driving!

I even skipped Turbo Kick tonight (gasp!), but not without checking with my favorite instructor to make sure it wasn’t a new routine! That’s how hardcore I am.

We also received the kitties’ new cat tree and it is… enormous. I don’t know what I was thinking when we ordered it, but it’s taller than Sean with ton-o-platforms and kitty condos and hiding spots. The kittens love it already, and Mitten Head even did some exploring!

Sorry for the crappy quality, we were sort of focused less on pictures and more on where to put the giant kitty apartment complex.

We also put out our Halloween pumpkin lights and my little Welcome Witch! Hooray for holiday spirit!


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