Mitten Head’s Grief

I think the kittens and Mitten Head are starting to get more used to each other. Well, I think Mitten Head is starting to get used to the kittens. While she still growls, hisses, and bats at them, she does it much less often now and lets them get closer and closer before doing so. They’ll be snuggling each other soon enough.

Sleepy Mitten Head
Have I told you how much I love my Mitten Head?

Tesla and Edison are LOVING the new cat tree, while Mitten Head is LOVING kitten food. It’s a hilarious reversal. Most cats would kill for wet food, and Mitten Head is passing it up for the kitten kibbles. Reminder: Mitten Head only has 4 teeth–her ferocious canines. I just think it’s funny that we have to hide the kitten food from Mitten Head and hide the prescription wet food from Tesla and Edison.

Kitty Tree Fun!
See Edison & Tesla behind me? Getting some exercise!

In other news, we’ve given Edison a nickname: Pudge. He is most definitely working his way up to pudgey-ville. I don’t know if it’s because he’s lazier than Tesla (who is quite the little athlete), or because he’s getting a high-calorie kitten food diet, but Edison AKA Pudge is most definitely packing on the… ounces.

Pudge Baby!
Pudge is a love kitty.

We’re going to our old high school this weekend to run an 8k to support the cross country team, so hopefully the kitties will behave for the cat sitter!


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