Long time no see

This past weekend was pretty hectic and blogging took a back seat to all the other stuff that was going on. Sean and I headed to Tennessee Friday afternoon. We tried to leave early enough to avoid traffic, but, alas, Chattanooga had other things in mind. Right outside of the Noog, we got caught in a slew of nothing traffic.

Nothing traffic is when people slow down and drive like crazies when there’s nothing going on at the end of the traffic. You know, when you’re waiting for 20 minutes in near stand-still traffic and then it just gets to a certain point and people just suddenly drive faster? This happens a lot after a wreck has been cleared.

We also stopped at Cracker Barrel for their delicious hash brown casserole. I could eat that every day of my life. Yum. I love their green beans too. They also had brown rice that was pretty tasty. Once we got to Maryville, TN we stopped at FroYoz for frozen yogurt like we always do. It’s sort of our “every time we go to TN” tradition. I love frozen yogurt.

Well, good thing I do because I accidentally locked Sean’s keys in the car at FroYoz. We called Triple A (AAA!) and they came to rescue us. We waited for a while, pretty cold since we were eating frozen yogurt outside, and then the triple A man unlocked the car in less than two minutes.

Then we headed to Sean’s parents house where we chatted, showered, and headed to bed to prep for our Tiger October 8k the next morning.

The race went pretty well. Sean didn’t stay with me and finished in about 40 minutes. I started off too fast and burned out after mile 4. Good thing the whole last mile was a hill. Not like a Georgia hill, but a slow and steady climb. I finished in about 45 minutes. It was fun, for a great cause, and I got to see some of my old high school friends and teachers.

After that Sean went hiking while I hung out with my mom. We had a great dinner of that delicious vegan shepherd’s pie and then Sean and I made the trip back to Georgia. I always lecture Sean about how when we pay to join a soccer league, we should play all the games. We headed back for our soccer game on Sunday, but also because I needed to get some work done.

We ended up leaving around 7:30 or 8 and getting home at 11:00. WAY past my bedtime. I think my ridiculous ramblings in the car proved that.

The soccer game turned out to be a bust. The YMCA moved it from 3pm to 5pm. When we got there, another team was down a girl so they asked me to fill in. I had just woken up form a nap and was probably the worst addition they could have asked for. I missed traps, fumbled kicks, almost hand-balled it in the box, etc.

This bad luck should have been a warning.

During Purple Haze’s actual game, a 200-lb member of my own team rammed into me at NFL tackling speeds/strength. His shoulder slammed into the side of my head, and I went down. On the ground I held my head (instant migraine) and cried like a little girl. Lots of people were crowding over/around me. It was embarrassing. If you ever need anyone to act like a 5-year-old after getting injured, call me.

After that I was in a daze and Sean and I went home. He stopped at CVS and bought me some Burt’s Bees lip balm and sour gummy worms because, like I said, I’m five.

We debated going to the doctor, but I didn’t have any signs of a concussion other than a monstrous headache. I had gummy worms and salsa for dinner (don’t judge), and then headed to bed.

Here’s to hoping this week will fare better than the weekend.


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