Bad lip-reading

My good friend Markie Mark posted a Michael Buble YouTube video on my wall yesterday and it led to quite a bit of time-wasting. So, in honor of Wednesday and how hilarious these videos are, here are some of my favorite bad lip readings:

It’s great to watch a few times to really listen and watch the lips for the “bad lip-reading” lyrics. I cried laughing.

“We’d been camping for two nights and six mornings in Oahu–downing Bacardi– and where I’m from, Mama gets a what what. You know I represent.”

“And when I buy sticker for folks in prison, I bring milk, not backyard meth. It’s a prison party.”

Oh man, no matter what you think of Bachmann, that’s too funny. And now, the one that really proves my maturity level:

Ha! Fergie! “And I hate those greenish potatoes with them soggy fish stiiiiicks!”

Oh man, videos like these make my life!


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