Restaurant rules

Sean and I went out to eat last night. I work late on Thursdays and if Sean deems the refrigerator empty, we tend to go out. I mysteriously manage to make dinner the night after, but, you know, whatever.

Anyway, so we had a good dinner. Our waitress was nice. The food was good. The rest of the waitstaff was friendly. It was pleasant.

Except for the people sitting behind us. While they weren’t that annoying during the meal, just a little loud. When I got up to leave, I saw the carnage: french fries, shrimp, cutlery ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

So here’s the dealio. If you have kids, DO NOT take them to a restaurant if they can’t manage to keep things on the table or exist at a reasonable volume. And if they make the restaurant look like a tornado zone… CLEAN IT UP YOURSELF.

That’s your punishment for procreating.

Ok, I’m done. In other, nicer news Michael Buble’s new Christmas album comes out October 24! Excited! I’ve already started the Christmas-music-a-thon at work. Vince Guaraldi!


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