Why I could never handle having kids

Besides the obvious point that having kids wreaks terrible havoc on your body (which I know most women are willing to forgo for tiny humans of their own), I just don’t think I could handle infants, or young kids, or any age kids. Wanna know how I know? Cats.

I know what you’re thinking, “Cats are no where close to kids.” My point exactly. If I feel like cats are overwhelming, kids should drive me over the top, right?Lazy Kitteh

For example, there’s a small Halloweenie cat nibbling my foot right now.

The past week or so, the kittens (I say that, but they’re getting bigger everyday) have been pestering us almost regularly at 10:00 PM, midnight, 2:00 AM, and 4:00 AM. I know they want food, but I hate rewarding right after they exhibit late-night bad behavior (scratching at the carpet, nibbling, knocking things off of nightstands). Also, we’ve thought about leaving food out for them all night, but crazy Mitten Head eats all the kitten kibble. Toothless Mitten Head eats all their food.

It’s trivial, I know. But my sleep is precious, and Sean is even starting to get tired of it.

In other news, we carved pumpkins Monday night and roasted the pumpkin seeds. Yum.

Sean hates carving pumpkins--it's the goo!
See that fist? I won't tell you what he was about to do while I was taking this picture!

I read online that you can soak your carved pumpkin in a bleach solution for 8 hours and then coat the open cuts with Vaseline to make it last forever (like two weeks). But we didn’t have any bleach and 8 hours was a long time, so I sprayed our pumpkins with disinfectant and coated them with Vaseline. We’ll see.

They’re still sitting on out kitchen table! I need to put them out tonight!

Happy almost Halloween!


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