Hobby Lobby Overheard

I was in Hobby Lobby Saturday afternoon picking up supplied to finish off Sean’s Halloween costume. Ok, let’s not lie–to start & finish off Sean’s Halloween costume. We’re going as Charlie Brown and Lucy, and I’m all about what I call t-shirt finagling. That is, making a t-shirt into what looks like the best t-shirt resemblance of the costume you want to make.

Anyway, I was in line with my bright yellow t-shirt and black spray paint when a group of girls came behind me with stuff to finish up their Halloween costumes, and this is the very loud conversation that I’m pretty sure I and every other person in Hobby Lobby overheard:

Girl 1: “Girl, I’m gonna need to hit me something tonight. Not a drink, that other stuff (very loud inhaling noise), especially if Julia’s at that party.”

Girl 2: ” Ha ha! If you’re gonna see her, you most definitely need to calm down.”

Girl 1: “Because if she gets up in my face, I know I’ll hit her again. And I don’t wanna go to jail again. I just can’t handle going to jail again.”

Girl 2: “Well, don’t worry. We know there will be some at the party. So you can can chill and skip jail tonight.”

Seriously? I had to resist the urge to turn around and stare the further this conversation progressed. There was a grandmother with her grandkids in front of us. She was rushing to get out of there, probably so she wouldn’t have to explain any bit of that convo to her g-kids.

Did the girls think they were cool yelling through the Hobby Lobby check out how bad ass they are, smoking pot, getting in fights, and going to jail? I just don’t understand people sometimes…

Happiest Halloween to you all! Try not to get arrested tonight!


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