A year from now you’ll wish you started today.

I just read the first blog from one of my former MC residents. She’s making the (very difficult) decision to quit smoking. Another one of my fellow MC friends has decided to quit as well. He said it feels like it’d be easier to quit heroin than give up cigarettes. I am so glad I never felt swayed to smoke. I think I’d been around it enough as a kid and had enough warnings from my mom about it, that I was pretty sure no matter the circumstances, I would be able to resist the temptation of smoking.

I know people say it makes you look cooler, and it’s more about the habit than the actual cigarette. I can honestly say I never met a smoker I thought was more awesome than a nonsmoker. I think it’s just a concept that people who smoke see of themselves. It’s not cool to smell (and taste!) like an ashtray. It’s not cool to destroy your lungs. It’s not cool to destroy the lungs of people you love. The end.

This brings me back to a real point, though, and that’s motivation. I’m all up on posting motivational pictures and sayings that I find all over the web, but sometimes even I struggle with motivation.

Fitness is one of my greatest outlets, but it seems ever since my half marathon, I’ve been completely unsatisfied with fitness. I don’t think it’s the getting in a rut problem, because I have tons of new equipment and new fitness DVDs. The past week or two it seems like when I come home from work, I could honestly sleep until dinner, eat, then go to bed for the night. In fact, that’s sort of what I’ve been doing with a workout haphazardly thrown in.

Where has my love for fitness gone? I used to crave the sore feeling that accompanies a good workout. I used to want to “chase the burn” as Jackie Warner says.

Sean thinks its because the half marathon satiated my “try new things” fitness goal for a while and because I’ve been getting a lot less sleep with the kittens recently. They really like to cuddle at 2am. We’ve been leaving kibble out at night so they don’t have to cause trouble to get fed, but as soon as we move or they hear something, they think it’s time to rise and shine!

And then they sleep all day!

I try to remind myself that you’ll always regret missing a workout, but you’ll never regret getting your sweat on. And that yesterday I said tomorrow. And would I rather be sore tomorrow or sorry?

I just have to keep my groove going. I can see how fitness instructors get burned out when they do the same stuff over and over, which is why they latch on quickly to new fitness trends.

I’m about to head on to Turbo Kick this morning, after a few weeks, I’ve pretty much already memorized the routine, but my favorite instructor always likes to mix it up and mix new things in, fortunately.

Do you guys have any advice on how to get over a slump?


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