Update: The Veggie Quest

I realize I’ve been a little off track when it comes to what I usually blog about. Sometimes after a day of staring at the computer screen and wigglating my fingers across the keyboard for 8+ hours, writing a blog for the next day isn’t always my top priority. In fact, not falling asleep before 7pm is usually pretty high on the list, along with trying to get my recently lazy self to exercise.

Remember when running was fun, Carolyn?

However, I thought I’d update you on how Sean and I are doing on our (read: my) quest to minimize\ eliminate animal products in/from our diet. We’re actually doing pretty well. With the help of my Peas and Thank You cookbook as well as the internet, we’ve done a pretty good job of keeping our diet animal-free and protein-rich.

I’ll admit that I had to work late last Thursday, I was starving, and Sean didn’t know what to make, so we had tuna casserole. It was hard to detach myself from the fact that I knew while was eating that fish have the most painful death of all animals (imagine slowly suffocating versus having your throat slit) and that while someone catches 1 pound of tuna, s/he also catches 26 pounds of “by catch” or other fish/aquatic life that die and are just thrown back into the water.

We’ve tried a lot of new vegetarian and vegan recipes, though: chili, black bean burgers, chocolate chip zucchini bread, corn bread. Not all things I would normally eat. We’re both pushing our “comfort” zones when it comes to food. It’s been nice. And good. And I feel good about it, and (I’m pretty sure) Sean does too.

Black bean boi-gah.

Our families have been moderately accepting, and really worried about our protein intake. Don’t worry, you can get a lot more protein per calorie with non-meat foods like beans, nuts, and grains. My mom was most worried about Thanksgiving. “What? So you’re not going to have any turkey?” Nope. Sorry, mom. I plan on bringing some great meatless dishes, though!

In other news, do you guys remember this song?


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