Why I love boxing

I’m not an expert boxer. In fact, I probably couldn’t survive one blow. It’d mean an instant migraine. I just like to do it.

But as my boxing instructor says, coming to boxing class is like free therapy. My life nowadays consists of A  LOT of cat poop & vomit, coffee envy when I can’t keep my eyes open at work, and a lot of war video games (Call of Duty didjust come out… and SkyRim comes out Friday. I don’t expect to see or hear from Sean for a while).

Sean's usual position...

One thing about my job is that I’m actually doing things instead of spending 8 hours a day looking for a single word in a stack of 3,000 papers. Which means that things sometimes go haywire. Which means there’s stress.

Then there’s life, which I often let “get to me.” Whether it’s my own attitude, something someone else says, or just traffic, there’s nothing like wearing yourself out by beating the crap out of a giant inanimate bag.

My favorite stress-releaser: the back hand. I love winding up and really letting the bag have it.

If you need some stress reduction, I suggest you try boxing.


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