I survived…

I was super nervous on Friday about the whole “getting a shot” situation. After last time, my irrational fear of the side effects of the final shot in my vaccine series increased dramatically. Especially after I passed out and had to lie on the nurses’ table forever followed by her saying, “The last one is usually the worst.”

Hooray! The doctor! Not.

I got to the Dr.’s office, Sean in tow. I mean, when you pass out getting the previous shot, you want a driver just in case for next time. It was also nice to have someone to talk to immediately after the show. I asked for my usual nurse and they told me she was on her lunch break. Immediate increase in sweat levels.

I said that was fine but the nurse administering the injection should read my chart.

They called me back and I explained that I brought Sean with me as a distraction/driver. After the “new” nurse read my chart, she remembered me. Is that sad? It’s been more than four months since my last shot. She said, “You weren’t fully conscious, but I was one of the nurses who helped you off the ground in the hallway!” Hoorah!

HIding from shots?

So in order to minimize both the side effects and my anxiety, they decided to let my last nurse do the injection… for consistency. Also Doreen knows to use smaller needles because I have baby arms! The new nurse (I can’t remember her name for the life of me) said they were going to let me ice my arm for a few minutes and have me lie down for the shot. That way Doreen had time to finish up lunch and I would be numb and (hopefully) relaxed.

Doreen came in and gave me the shot. Boom. It was over. It’s not the pain of the needle going in (in fact, I don’t remember feeling that), it’s the burning and soreness that instantly takes over my arm that gets me.

Good news though, I didn’t pass out. Mostly because I was on my back the entire time so no blood could really drain from my brain. I did feel waves of dizziness and nausea. Also I was instantly exhausted like I’d just spent a large time running away from murderers. That’s the only way I can describe it. Like I was hyped up on adrenaline (which I probably was from my nerves) and then, suddenly I wasn’t and needed to sleep/pass the freak out ASAP.

Mitten Head doesn't like the doctor either.

From then on I was a giant baby. Sean took me home, and I slept for about 3 hours. But I survived! Without passing out!

I deserve some frozen yogurt for that!


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