Monday Motivation, Crafts, & Soup!

Sometimes Monday is exactly what I think it’s going to be. Technically I’m writing this Sunday afternoon, but from what I feel now, Monday won’t be easy. I’m going to try to start getting up early and fitting in a 30 minute workout at 5:00 am… So, I’ll let you know tomorrow how that one pans out! Ha ha!

This weekend was pretty nice. We didn’t have a race scheduled. We didn’t have to go anywhere. And Sean had Friday off so he (very graciously) took care of grocery shopping so it wouldn’t take a chunk out of our weekend.

We went running on Saturday morning–a nice, easy 5K. No sign of Twig Boobs. Too bad, I was really interested to see her “cold weather” running attire. Then I tried Saturday morning power yoga at the YMCA. Back in college I used to be a super-yogi. Once senior year kickboxing and my gym membership came around I got more interested in weight lifting and cardio than stretching. There is NO denying the benefits of yoga on EVERYTHING about fitness, though. Not only does it increase your flexibility and body-mind connection, but it gets your heart pumping and works some muscles, too.

My hamstrings are feeling it today. Whew.

After yoga, we went to Hobby Lobby so I could get supplies to work on a Christmas craft. Yes, it’s already that time! Here’s what I got:

  • Three styrofoam cones (all different heights)
  • Two different colors of green yarn
  • Christmas paper from the scrapbooking section
  • 3 small cardboard-y star ornaments

Here’s what I’m hoping to make:

I’ll make sure to post pictures when I finish. I’ve only just yarn-wrapped the tallest cone! It’s pretty already! Yay, Christmas!

I’m also going to try to make a vegetarian version of this recipe: Cheesy Vegetable Chowder. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Now for some Monday Motivation:

Happy Monday!


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