Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. By the time you read this, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be over and the dog show will have begun. That’s right, I watch the dog show. Haters gonna hate.

My family already had our Thanksgiving last week, so we’re heading back up to Tennessee this weekend for Sean’s family’s Thanksgiving. While the TN to GA travel is really wearing on me, it’s nice to spend time with each other’s family.

Kittehs blog, too, ya know...

Except that by the time you read this I should have been in Tennessee by now. Except! Except, except, except! I forgot to leave the key for the cat sitter. We were only about an hour out, but nonetheless, I wanted to be in Tennessee in time to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my mom. By the time we got back home to leave the key, I was too tired to function like an adult.

So we decided to wait to leave, get a few more hours of sleep, and watch the parade at home.

The sleep was nice. And I even got a nice foggy 3.5 mile jog in.

It was nice. Chilly. Foggy. And a nice 9:17 mile pace.

Even though my Thanksgiving isn’t turning out how I planned. Even though I’m not eating cherry turnovers in my mom’s living room watching the parade, I’m still thankful.

Thankful for what I have. So thankful for the people in my life. Thankful for my job and my coworkers. Thankful for my cats, my apartment. And even though it’s minor, I’m so thankful that people read my blog and like what I write. Or maybe you don’t and you just like to read so you can make fun. I don’t care. I’ll pretend you all love me. Smiles and huggles for all.

Extra huggles for Pudge.

 (See that naked spot on his knee? That’s all Mitten Head’s doing.)


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