Back from Thanksgiving

I’ve been a slacker blogger when it comes to holiday writing. Honestly, it was kind of nice to take a break and just enjoy time with family, though.

Our 2 out of 3 Thanksgiving was nice. This week was with Sean’s family and we got to spend some quality time with his parents and his brother James and James’ family. James and April just had a new baby, and this was the first time we got to meet her, although it was pretty late when they came over, so she slept a lot.

We ate a lot of good food, and I managed to stay vegetarian the entire time, even though all the food smelled delicious.

We drove home in nasty rain & Sean continued the tradition of coming down with something the weekend of Thanksgiving. Last year it was bronchitis.

This year some sort of viral infection that is manifesting as nasty throat grossness, congestion, cough, and achey blahs. Poor Sean. It’s ok. We’ve gots lots-o-kitty loves, now that we’re home. I’m sure Sean will recover just fine.

How was your holiday?


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