Running Playlist Updates

Since my Jingle Jog Saturday morning, I’ve decided to add running back into my workout regimen. I was pretty burned out on it after the half marathon, and have avoided it since getting out in the cold is not my highest priority. Ya know…

But I figured maybe some new music would help motivate me to go back out and get my groove on.

How Carolyn Got Her Groove Back

I recently ordered Women’s Health magazine, which I now realize is essentially Cosmo with workouts instead of clothes. So. Much. Gossip. However, online they have some great playlist suggestions. Here’s a list of their Best Workout Music.

I also decided to add a few new songs to my (very long) running playlist:

  • “In the Dark” Dev (I heard this once in boxing class. I had to find it afterward!)
  • “Take Over Control” Afrojack (A lot of Afrojack songs sound the same–all techno-y–but are great to motivate for running, etc.)
  • “We Are Young” Glee Cast Version (What can I say? Glee just gets me!)
  • “The One That Got Away” Katy Perry (Again, too catchy to not like.)

Do you have any new favorite workout songs? Or just favorite new songs in general?


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