This Honey Badger Don’t Care

You guys remember the honey badger, right?

Well, I’m a honey badger, because I don’t care. I’ve gotten a few really nasty comments on my blog recently. One person asked me why I was alive. The other told me I was a jerk because I complained about people taking their kids out to an event WAY past a 5 year old’s bed time & stuffing them full of chocolate while being completely inconsiderate to other PAYING customers.

Guess what, people? It’s my blog. That’s the point. I am fully in the right to voice my opinions. If you don’t like it, don’t read. No one’s forcing you to! When I read a blog I disagree with, I do not angrily write the author telling them hoe stupid he or she is. I just click the little red X button in the corner. The end.

Unless someone asks for your opinion (and “Why are you even alive?” isn’t an opinion last time I checked) on a matter, it’s not generally appropriate to weigh in negatively. Am I wrong on this? (This is me actually ASKING for your opinion).

It seems to me the more mature thing to do would just be to leave the blog and not return.


2 thoughts on “This Honey Badger Don’t Care

  1. Dearest Daughter,

    Well now you understand a bit about my nature. I do not tolerate stupid very well. Ignorance Is fine to some degree because its a lack of training, experience or education . But only to a limit. People who believe they can impose their action or lack there of, in public with their display their kids or friends display, without any response or action on my part are sadly mistaken. Common courteous is required, and invasion of my personal space unless invited will not be tolerated. It appears we have come to this point with our local state and federeal goverments approval based on “civil right” (whats civil about this type of behavior”) or the paternalistic pattern of our governments actions toward a lack of common sense. One thing is true to this position is an old saying “don’t mess with a kid because they don’t know any better, and don’t mess with the old guys cause they don’t give a shit any longer.” So to the alive comment tell they to go screw themselves. Or come visit me and say that to my face. We can do the hillbilly dance, then.

  2. I agreed with you on that blog. My children are terrors. I don’t take them out to adult-ish events period. If they DO make it out with me to something similar to the Xmas light event you blogged about, I take them one at a time and we stay out of as many people’s ways as we can. I’m not perfect and my children are definitely far from little angels, but I feel like every parent should be more considerate of others who are, though no fault of their own, subjected to children’s deafening volume and bad behavior.

    I’m always surprised that just about everywhere I have taken my boys this year, there are usually children who scream louder, throw things farther and fight more than my boys. I’m even more surprised that most of the time, these kids’ caretakers usually aren’t even attempting to intervene. I just get disgusted. Pfft…. Anyway, back to YOUR blog…

    It is your blog. Do with it what you wish. You can be yourself on here and speak your mind. If someone doesn’t like it and feels obligated to tell you so, don’t even bother yourself with responding. That’s what I do :o) You would probably be surprised to find that they might just keep reading your blog anyway to see what else you have to say. People are ridiculous.

    Merry Christmas to you and the cats :o)

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