Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of year. You know, the weekend before Christmas? It’s when all the people who waited till the last minute to shop are out in crazy droves, foaming at the the mouth for everything in the Wal Mart aisles. Hand soap? That’s mine, bitch. Don’t you touch it. Windshield washer fluid, get outta his way. He’ll fight you for that one jug… Even though there are 50 more on the shelf.

Sean and I have been scavenging the areas that I can handle for a few small things (that apparently no one in Atlanta has) so I can make a gift for one of my family members. In my family, we draw names, but you can’t buy a gift, you have to *make* it. I know it would seem like I, too, waited until the last minute to Christmas shop, but I just figured our what I was going to make.

We went to Michaels, Cost Plus World Market, the dreaded Wal Mart, and I left all these crazy-ass stores with nothing but a bad attitude and the urge to cry like a 5 year old for a nap.

It seems like the Christmas spirit is running thin this year, or at least in Atlanta. No one cares about spending time, they’d rather spend money. No one cares about politeness and holiday cheer, they just want to cross off everyone their lists. I feel like Christmas spirit is at the whim of road rage and shopper’s anger.

I know I’m guilty, too.

So excuse me while I go watch The Polar Express and dream of sugarplums and nice people.

Please be extra kind this week as you finish your shopping.


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