Santa! I know him!

We are getting so close to Christmas and, heck, Hanukkah is already here. I don’t when Christmastime stops being a year-long countdown till the big day and when it becomes a hectic race to beat the clock before the day arrives. I think it’s sometime around when you have to start buying presents for people yourself while you’re distracted with work/school/etc.

Pudge would rather stay in bed.

This year, we’ve finished our shopping in time for the holiday and can spend the next few days relaxing. But not really.

We’ve got to cram grocery shopping, laundry (lots of laundry), cleaning, cat-sitter prep, and more in the few hours before we leave for Tennessee (one more time before the year ends!). Oh the to-do list, how endless it is.

I am really excited for Christmas this year. My family makes gifts for each other, and I love spending time with everyone and seeing smiling faces and Christmas lights.

Your family loves you even when you ruin Christmas pictures!

While the holidays are pretty commercialized (buy things to show your love!), I am still reminded that all the hustle and bustle is for a reason! Family is the real reason we go out of our ways to travel to places we just went a month ago. Family is the reason we drain our bank accounts, to give stuff to people we want to give stuff to. Family is the reason.

I love my family. And that’s why I love Christmas.


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