Christmas Eve

Hello lovely readers! Sorry I was MIA for the Christmas holiday. It was kind of nice to take a break and just enjoy my families. That, and Sean and I were so busy scooting from place to place in Tennessee that I barely got a chance to catch my breath. But now we’re back, and I can say that Christmas was a pretty good success.

We headed up to TN Saturday morning, Christmas Eve. Traffic was non-existent because I’m pretty sure everyone else traveled the day before. We made pretty good time, and started off at my mom’s house. We helped her with a few Christmas things and watched a few movies. Sean’s dad called around 3 to say he was near his office if I wanted him to check out my teeth (he’s a dentist).

Sean and I made a bee-line for the office where they x-rayed my mouth and gave me the fantastic news that I would need my wisdom teeth removed soon. They weren’t coming in any more, but have impacted sideways which may be why I’m having so many (solid, unwavering) headaches. One of my top wisdom teeth is WAY up in my sinuses, too. Lovely. On top of that, I don’t have dental insurance, so surgery (which should be pretty extensive since my grill is all shoved up in my face) will be fairly expensive. Hooray! Wonderful Christmas Eve news.

Goodbye, Pearly Whites.

After that, Sean, my mother, and I all headed to my mom’s Christmas Eve church production. I figured it’d be something Santa-y turned Jesus-y or at least a “The First Christmas”sort of production. It was some weird amalgamation of Christmas songs along with an attempt to turn people to Jesus. I feel like church things like that always have an alternative motive.

Anyway, afterward, Sean went to hang out with some friends from high school and my mom and I went home to watch The Sound of Music. Except for I want to bed at 8:30… Like a boss.

And that was only Christmas Eve…


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