Christmas Day!

After going to bed early on Christmas Eve, it only seemed appropriate that I wake up at 4:00 am on Christmas morning like a 5 year old. Only I wish I could have slept longer. My mom was also having trouble sleeping so we both got up and watched the movie A Christmas Story. I used to hate that movie, as I thought it was so annoying when I was younger, but now I really appreciate how creative it is, with the little boy constantly imagining things and the family dynamics. It’s pretty good after all!

We made blueberry turnovers and waited for Sean to arrive so we could open presents. After that, we watched the movie The Help, one of my mom’s Christmas presents from Sean and I. When the movie was over, we helped mom prepare her Christmas broccoli wreath. It sounds gross, but it’s usually the hit of the family Christmas party.

I had drawn my teenage cousin Autumn’s name, so I made her lavender bath salts, body wash, and body scrub. When my family’s Christmas was over, we scooted to Sean’s family Christmas. There we opened presents with his family while sitting by the fire. Sean and his step-brother went to try out one of the games Sean got, and I fell asleep on the couch watching the Packers kick butt with Sean’s dad on the other couch. It was funny, because we were both falling in and out of sleep. I would wake up and ask him a question and that would wake him up. Then he would wake up and tell me something so I would wake up. I went to bed before the game ended, but the Cheese Heads won of course.

Overall, it was a great Christmas spent with people I love. While I wish the holiday could have lasted longer, I am so glad to be home with my (catnipped out) kitties on my couch watching Sean play Batman: Arkham City.


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