Jillian Michaels’ Killer Buns & Thighs – Level 2 Review

As you all very well know, I secretly love Jillian Michaels. However, my new job mixed with a slew of holidays and some good boxing/kickboxing/other equipment/etc. has led me astray from one of my favorite trainers. Alas, I am back!

As a pre-New Year’s resolution kickoff, and as a way to recover from the holiday season, I’ve been getting up early every morning to get 30 minutes of extra strength-training in. I’ve made myself a schedule.

With rest on Sunday

My Tuesday and Friday workouts are a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Jillian’s butt-kicking Buns & Thighs workout. This week I tried Level 2. Finally.

This one was totally wicked from the get-go. The warm-up was even challenging! This level is totally squat-intensive with tons of high-impact moves. Of course, there’s always a low-impact, beginner version to the right of Jillian, but even she has awesome legs.

It’s filled with everything from weighted Statue of Liberty one-leg squats with a jump (yeah, try to compute that!) to basics like a one-legged burpee (everyone’s favorite). I tried to take a few pictures of myself performing the moves. Needless to say I loved it! I’ll most definitely be returning to Jillian much sooner than I did last time.

I totally recommend you try it. It was challenging, but just fun enough. And again, I really felt like Jillian was less tense and more relaxed in this one, like she’s really in your living room working out with you and her ripped friends…

Enjoy these:

You start here, move halfway up into a normal squat position, and then come back down. Yes, I realize how unflattering this pose is.
The beginning of the Statue of Liberty one-legged lunge/squat jump.
Where you go after that...
And the basics are there too, like this weighted lunge...

So go get it, friends. And prepare for the burn.

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