New Year’s Resolutions… Revisited

As I mentioned in my last New Year’s Resolution post, I have quite a few goals for this year. However, goals are nothing without a plan to back them up. Last week I brainstormed my general goals for 2012, and this week I’m going to give myself actual goals to try to reach.

I’ve read (and even written about at work) the importance of setting actual goals not broad, basic ideas, and making a plan in order to actually achieve your New Year’s Resolutions! So I’m revisiting my new year’s resolutions to help me actually achieve them.

  • Write one page of personal (non-work, non-blog) something every day

While this is really a grand idea, do I really think this is a reasonable goal? I sometimes can’t even get a blog in every week because I’m so tired of writing when I get home. Or so tired of staring at a computer screen. I’m altering this goal to this: Write at least 4 (non-work, non-blog) pages of something every day.

  • Take healthy eating to the next level

Again, pretty vague and hard to measure. I eat fairly healthy the way it is, so how can I measure a change? This is how: Eat a serving of vegetables at least once a day. Sorry, US Gov, pizza doesn’t count.

  • Tone up (gain more muscle mass) and be able to do more athletic things

As with my other goals so far, this one is less on-point and more of a general resolution. To make it more specific, I will say I want to run another half marathon and be able to do 40 push-ups in a row, on my toes.

  • Get out of defense/back midfield and actually score a goal in YMCA soccer

New goal: score at least one goal this year.

  • Read a lot more books (classics & modern lit)

New goal: Read one new book a month.

  • Save enough to get a new car

New goal: Save at least $3000 non-emergency fund savings for a new car.

  • Get more involved in the community

New goal: Dedicate at least 4 hours a month to an activity that benefits someone else.

  • Take up yoga again

New goal: Attend a yoga class once a week.

  • Take more trips around Georgia

New goal: Visit at least two places in Georgia I’ve never been.

  • Make more friends and have meaningful relationships

I’m leaving this goal as is, because how do you measure a meaningful relationship in any form? Hopefully my other goals will lead me to this goal!

How about you? What are your New Year’s goals?


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